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With over thirty-five years of hands-on experience, in fossil power generation (boilers), pulp and paper, oil refining, mineral processing, petrochemical, LNG, and food processing industry, we bring expertise across different industries… a different perspective

Process Control is one of the answers to the "HOW'S" of the "WHAT'S" required to improve your plant's KPIs

Are there any benefits?

Major accomplishments are our best presentation of our abilities to deliver added value: Millions of dollars have been accrued by some of our customers across the industries we have been involved with. Amongst them: ULSD, Hydrotreating, hydrocracking, reciprocating compressors, Ammonia/Hydrogen Sulphide strippers, Fired heaters, CO boiler, BTX trains, Paper Machines, Steam distribution systems, fossil power generation, autogenous mills, thickeners, mixing and balling drums.

What do we offer...

 Process Control Mentorship

Process Control Troubleshooting

Structured Advanced Regulatory Control

Instrumentation and Control Performance

Control Performance Monitoring

Control Loop Optimum

Process Control Education

Control Systems Start-up and Commissioning 

The helping hand… Mentorship

As the expertise is dwindling down and the new generations coming in, we offer hands-on onsite mentorship, to support their professional development. This approach been proven to out customers be the best way to develop in-house expertise

We share...

 We share your concern about the safety of you personnel, the protection of your assets, the protection of the environment and the profitability of your chemical processing operation as much as you do.

Process Control is a well proven technology that can bring results and tangible benefits, in all the four dimensions: Processes can be optimized to reduce energy consumption, increase throughput, and improve safety in the workplace, all of them having direct tangible benefits in the environment.


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