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Efficiency, Yield and Energy Consumption are among the main Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to assess the economic performance of the raw material transformation enterprises such as Oil Refining, Fossil Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Mining Industry, and others.

With the advantage of high benefit to investment ratio, Control Systems Optimization is a technology we have a track record of using to improve the KPIs without the cost of a capital project

The benefits are there, we will help you identifying them, and structuring a project to harvest them!

A website is more of a journey than a destination, it will then be changing.  So stay tuned

Here are the links to some of my latest publications:

A series of three "Control Talk" done for Control Magazine:
First..."Giving Thanks for Process Control Achievements" It's about how my journey in Process Control
Second..."Distilled Analysis of Interaction" It's about Relative Gain, Interaction and Distillation
Third... "How to Get the Most Out of Your PID by better Tuning" It's about my stand on tuning PID controllers

There is a new one coming next month on the Invisibility of Process Control

As for where have we been lately ?

In the latest project we were comprehensively involved in the commissioning and redesign of control strategies associated to the expansion of a 165000 bpd oil refinery, amongst them: Fired Heaters, Gas Compressors, Hydrogen Reformers, Catalytic Distillation, Fractionators, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Alky Plant, Sour Water Plant, FCCU, Saturated Gas Plant, Steam Distribution System, and Gasoline Blending

And we were invited to present at the AIChE Spring 2017 Topical Conference - Kister Distillation Symposium:
"Distillation Control - Still An Issue" is the title of the paper.  
For those interested let us know by sending an email to SNino or to the Info email address

I invite you to check them out, and write me note with your comments or questions to:

And if you are looking for a helping hand in process control, this is right place!  All we need is a chance to show why we can make a difference, we have done it before and we want your company to be a part of it:
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