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SUMMA is a Latin word that as adjective means: “Greatest”, “Highest”; as a noun denotes a “Comprehensive treatise”.

HOLISTIC as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts”.

Those definitions delineate our commitment, as a Process Control Consulting Company, to deliver the best and most comprehensive solution to our customer’s process control challenges and opportunities.


To become the preferred source of lasting and low maintenance optimizing process control solutions


Summa Control Solutions Inc. is dedicated to partnering with our customers in the identification and seizing opportunities to improve operability and profitability of the processing industries by using optimal, robust, process control solutions tailored to last with low maintenance while peak performance is achieved.

Steering the exploitation of the untapped potential of the automatic control systems in the process industry through our holistic approach to process control: It begins by minding the integrity of the process and builds up by adding only the essentials


$2.1 M/yr. benefits is the result of the reduction of the amount of crude re-run in a Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Unit

Implementation and optimum tuning of the hydrotreating/hydrocracking reactors Weighted Average Bed Temperature Controls

Improvement in the reliability of the operation of reciprocating compressors by the adequate coordination of pressure controls.

Reliability and Economic performance improvement of the Sour Water Treatment by implementing material balance controls in the Ammonia and H2S strippers

Reduction of 1.5% excess O2 in a 90 Million Btu/hr fired heater

Optimization of the responsiveness of a CO boiler by implementing a four-elements drum level control.

More than $2M/yr. benefits represented in energy savings and yield increase by implementing a material balance based optimization strategy in a Xylene tower

Reduced by more than $2M/yr. , the rich amine treatment cost by reducing the amine volume used in gas desulphurization towers

Over $1M/yr. savings in energy and reduction of material re-processing at a petrochemical facility by implementing dual-composition in a heat-integrated Benzene-Toluene high-purity distillation train (Hydrocarbon Processing, November 2011, pp. 83-88)

A Paper Company avoided a quarter of a million dollars capital expenditure by following our recommendation to replace field control devices and by coordinating the loop tuning in their steam distribution system (Pulp & Paper Canada, No.107, V.12, 2006, pp. 52-55).

Stabilization of the main steam pressure that allowed a four hundred fifty Mega-Watts power station to gain the responsiveness required by the electrical grid.  This was attained after the replacement of field instrumentation and modifications to the boiler controls as per our recommendations (ISA Volume 477, POWID 2009 Conference Proceedings, pp.416-428).

Reduction in the variability of the moisture in the paper by improving feedforward and applying a robust high-performance control tuning (Pulp & Paper, June 2003, pp.42-46)


With over thirty two years of refining, petrochemical, fossil power, pulp and paper, mining and food industry experience, that has taken us throughout all instrumentation and control spectrum - from specification of field devices trough the design, implementation and commissioning of regulatory and advanced control applications we are in position to offer several valuable non capital intensive services with an attractive benefit to investment ratio.

Since our work is virtually independent of the Distributed Control System used by our customers, we have been able to work on platforms well recognized in the process control industry such as Foxboro®, Honeywell®, Bailey®, Westinghouse®, Modicon PLC, and Allen Bradley PLC. 

EXPERTISE BASED ADVANCED CONTROL is the methodology used to address productivity challenges and implement Advanced Control Solutions, keeping in mind that the understanding of the strategy by the operations is a key element in the success of the solution implementation.

Advanced control solutions improve the plant’s productivity by ensuring:

  • Safe operation
  • Compliance with environmental Regulations
  • Effective use of raw materials and energy
  • Efficient production
  • Manufacturing of quality products
  • Flexible accommodation for changing process requirements


This activity involves a field inspection of the primary and final control elements in order to make sure that their installation meets the standards and that other process equipment is not interfering with the proper operation of the field control devices e.g. pump cavitation.  The control assessment involves the acquisition of information on signal filtering, sampling time, and control tuning parameters as well as the audit of control strategies configuration and their performance.


Regardless of the supplier of CLPM it will always require validation of the results and the devising and implementation of the remedial actions, otherwise if becomes a burden.  We have experience and the know-how to do it right, all the way through


When expertise is not available to the plants we can provide our know-how to help finding the root cause, recommend and implement the solution to process control problems.


Loop tuning is at the last stage in route of optimizing the performance of the controls in a plant, or in the commissioning of a new control strategy.  For us this is a thorough procedure that may involve Instrumentation and Control Survey and Control Performance and Robustness Assessment, but always concludes with the best controller parameters the control law can have in a real life application.


Learning Process Control takes more than following a recipe; with that principle in mind our courses will be tailored to exceed expectations.

START-UP and COMMISSIONING of process control systems such as Boilers, Fired Heaters, Distillation Columns, Reactors, Compressors, etc.

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